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We are first time dog owners as adults and Jeannie has been there for us and our dog since the day we brought her home. She guided us on what type of food to give our dog that would enable her to lead a strong & healthy lifestyle. We quickly enrolled into training and Jeannie has watched our dog grow from a little puppy into a 1 year old dog. I have never been able to throw a question at Jeannie about our dog’s behavior that she wasn't able to explain with knowledge and experience. Our dog would listen to Jeannie's commands even before she would listen to ours and Jeannie has taught us the parents how to understand and communicate effectively with our dog. Jeannie has been the best blessing to our family and even our dog looks forward to seeing her in class. I remember the time when our aussie Hazel, was having anxiety problems and hurting herself, the vet wanted to put her on medication but I didn't and Jeanine was able to give me advice on what to do so that she stopped hurting herself, I cannot be thankful enough. If you can't tell I highly recommend Jeannie for any dog needs you may have, she is very knowledgeable and truly cares about your dog. Thank you Jeannie for what you do, we love you! Yessica C.

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Jeannie is amazing!! We have a 9 month old beagle that was a handful to say the least. He was unruly, chewed on everything, and loved to do his business everywhere but outside. We started training at 7 months with Jeannie and the difference is astounding. He now responds to his name on command and has made our lives a blessing instead of constant cleanup. He goes outside and walks very well on his leash. He refused to do that before!! Jeannie is a god send in the dog world. Every ounce of advice I've ever gotten from her has helped him become the amazing and well behaved pup he is today. When it comes to all things dog training/behavior, she would be the first person I would talk to or recommend. If you have a dog and haven't taken classes (obedience or therapy) you definitely should.

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