Skylar's K-9 Care
We offer Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Training. We also offer Therapy Dog exerises and socialization. 

Dog, walking, pet sitting and training. We also offer Therapy Dog consulting and exercises.  

In loving memory of my husband Eric, a wonderful and caring man who is missed every single day! 

We have a special understanding and a great deal of experience in working with fearful and nervous pups. We work with aggressive and high anxiety pups. We accept canines that have been charged by the county with injury towards a human or another animal.

 When you are unable to have strangers come in and care for your pup do to risk or stress to the animal, that is where we step in to help.

We are insured, bonded and Pet CPR/First aid certified, being in your home and caring for your pets are our top priority.

Skylar's K-9 Care is about our passion for dogs, we love what we do. 

Skylar's K-9 is very involved with fundraising for a local animal rescue group.

Pet Assistant League of Virginia -

This company supports every man and woman in uniform both military and law enforcement.

The memory behind the name:

   In 1996 Wendy, a friend and operator of a local rescue group called me to ask if Eric and I could stop by the following Sunday and look at a dog they had just pulled from the animal shelter. She knew we were involved with training German Shepherds for wilderness Search and Rescue, and she believed this female, Skylar, was a candidate. I will never forget that Easter Sunday morning when we met the most amazing canine. She was a natural working dog. The abilities of this animal also explain why she was given up. Animal control had picked her up running with another dog on a back road. When the owner showed up, he claimed the smaller dog and told them they could do what they wanted with the Shepherd; she was destroying his house. We can honestly say that in the 14 years she lived with us, she never destroyed anything in our home. Skylar worked beside my husband for 9 years, helping to find missing people/children both in the wilderness and in the water. All she wanted in this life was to work and be loved. We also found that Skylar provided excellent therapy to the many foster children that came to live in our home over the years. Many of our foster children learned about caring for something besides themselves, they learned about compassion and empathy by helping to care for the animals that lived with us .

Skylar working hard in the field.
Our Skylar, you are missed and always in our hearts.
Our very spoiled rescued Granddogs, Autumn and Mya
Enjoying the beach
Heidi and Loki enjoying the beach and always keeping watch.
Waiting for Daddy to give her the next command.

Our Skylar at work.