Skylar's K-9 Care
We offer Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Training. We also offer Therapy Dog exerises and socialization. 

Dog, walking, pet sitting and training. We also offer Therapy Dog consulting and exercises.  

Customer Testimonials

We currently have two fur babies named Missy and Timmy. Missy is a four-year-old standard schnauzer and Timmy is a seven-month old miniature schnauzer. We have had several walkers but Jeannie has been the best walker we could have hired for our fur babies. We love our fur babies just as we love our human children, and as with human children our fur babies have their own personalities and quirks.

Missy is very standoffish and takes time to warm up to strangers. Jeannie showed so much patience and care when she met Missy that Missy fell in love with her. Before Timmy we had a 12-year old miniature schnauzer named Buddy. Buddy had many health issues but we never worried while we were away from him because Jeannie always treated him with so much love and kindness. It was very hard when we lost Buddy, but we were so grateful that he had Jeannie as his walker.

Jeannie is also wonderful with communicating with us so that we are always aware of what is going on during her visits with our fur babies. It brightens our work day when we get pics of our fur babies enjoying their visits with Jeannie. The professionalism, care, and patience that Jeannie shows our fur babies is testament that she truly loves her job and our fur babies.

We highly recommend Jeannie’s services and consider ourselves very lucky to have her care for our fur babies. Jeannie goes above and beyond service requirements and treats our fur babies as if they were her own.


Reggie and Nadine Burris


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To Whom It May Concern,
Jack and Sadie are both rescue dogs, with very distinct character traits. Jack is a little food aggressive and hates being held by the collar; Sadie is an over protective German Shepherd who barks madly at any metal box with people trapped inside it (also known as a car!).
Jeannie has been totally amazing with my dogs, she understands their personalities, and works to reassure them that the world isn't really a bad and scary place. They both need constant love in very different ways, and Jeannie provides this in bucket loads. We've had dog walkers before Jeannie, but I never saw them truly engage and care for my dogs the way Jeannie has. I've truly seen them blossom and start to become the dogs they were destined to be under her care
If you're looking for a company that truly cares for your animals; that will let you know when something is out of character, than Skylar's K9 and Jeannie are the perfect fit for you.
Rachel S.

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My husband and I have two dogs - a one year old black lab named Violet, and a one year old golden retriever named Ellie! Jeannie has trained my dogs since they were puppies and I am forever indebted to her. After many hours of training with her, both of our dogs are canine good citizen certified. We've even gone the extra mile and we are currently in classes with Ellie for therapy dog training! We love our classes with Jeannie and we never want to stop. If you need your dog trained, go to Jeannie!!  Laura P.

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When Jeannie first started taking care of our dogs, we only had 2. Bodie and Chewy who is a large hound mix and has lots of behavior issues. Jeannie was more than happy to help with training tips and helping us to deal with his bad behavior. Jeannie is very patient with Chewy and is always excited to see him and spoil him! Chewy still has his moments but is much more manageable than he used to be - especially for his Aunt Jeannie! This summer my daughter moved back home with her 2 dogs, so we now have four dogs and 2 cats in our home. The dogs don't always get on very well, so we sometimes have challenging times with the bunch. Jeannie and her daughter Jessie, who also comes and does visits, takes it all in stride and never fails to treat all the animals with love and affection -even the cats who get treats on every visit. Jeannie has such a passion for taking care of animals and it shows in the way she interacts with them. I know our pets and home are in the best hands with Jeannie (and Jessie) as our walker. I highly recommend Skylar's K-9 Care to anyone who expects the best care for their pets for very reasonable prices. Sincerely, Lisa C.

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